English 341: It’s Like This

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Blog 7

Blog 7


  1. a) After reading about the preferences in chapter 5, I plan to figure out what genres my students tend to read the most of, so I can help them find other books they enjoy to read in that genre. I plan to do that by reading as many books as I can before and after becoming a teacher. I also plan to challenge my readers by suggesting genres they might not have read before or may not be too familiar with for example, if a student enjoys fiction books by a certain author, then I might try to help them find books that are similar to the ones they enjoy reading. I would do research on that author and see if they wrote any books that were not fiction, so I could find books for my student to read by their favorite authors in different genres.
  2. b) After his class I can tell that I am an avid reader, because if I am not reading a book, then I am reading articles online. I probably read almost every day. I really enjoy reading for pleasure, and when I am on breaks I tend to read at least 2 to 4 novels, depending on how long my breaks are from school. The entire four years of high school, I believe I read about 100 chapter books for pleasure, outside of school. This did not include the books we read in my classes. My reading preferences I am most drawn to are fiction, romance, mystery, series books, and I love to read a good biography every now and then. I plan to continue reading as I become a future teacher and when I become a teacher someday. My goal is to have many books under my belt, so I can be able to easily recommend books to my future students.

3. c) The character Starr Carter, From The Hate You Give, is the character I decided to do my character analysis on, for my young adult novel. Starr Carter is a young 16 year old African American girl, who is the protagonist in the novel. She lives in a predominantly black neighborhood, but she attends an all white private school, which leads to her having a split identity. Starr is one of the only African American girls at her school, which leads her to find herself constantly representing her entire race at her private school. After the death of a close friend of hers, she comes to find out that her friend will have no justice for his death and Officer Cruise will not be indicted for the death of her friend  Khalil. This leads her to be an advocate for Black Lives Matter.

4.  d) I really enjoyed this book, and I would highly recommend it for teachers to have their students read. This book will open the eyes for what some African American people have to go through, because of the color of their skin.




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