English 341: It’s Like This

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Blog 6 David Castillo

Blog 6 David Castillo

After reading the article, I feel like I learned a lot as to how to use graphic novels, not only in a classroom, but overall exactly what you can take away and learn from then. From the article , there were a lot of things that I didn’t really think would be useful in a classroom or specifically in a graphic novel until reading the article, such as composing multiple literally elements at the same time. One misconception that I grew up with especially due to my parents were that comic book or manga ( anime)  books arent real ” books” so I have always thought that they are kind of a waste of reading and dont have that much value.  After having our discussion with Jackson aswell as reading el Deafo , it made me realize  that  there is value and with graphic novels, there are a lot of routes that you can take with them.

B: The way I read  graphic novels althought I am not sure if this is the correct way, but this is how I read them. Before I even look at the words I look at the pictures so I can get a better perspective/ narrative of the sitaution and whats going on before I read the words. As I read the words I look it over with the pictures and try to see it from the perspective as I am the person in the comic and not an outside reader. Compared to my classmate neighbors, I read it a  bit different because first, my group mate did not really know how to read it correctly so it wasnt a consistent way to read it. As for my graphic novel, I really enjoy it so far from I have been reading . It is about  a rabbit who is deaf and uses hearing aids in school and gets to be able to hear for the first time with her hearing aids which makes her feel like a superhero with “super hearing”. Then so far from what I have been reading it is the main character going through the grade levels, and different schools and seeing her relationships change and how the character changes with this superhero narrative.

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