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Brown Girl Dreaming: I believe in activity Sarah Roberts

Brown Girl Dreaming: I believe in activity Sarah Roberts

In Woodson’s book Brown Girl Dreaming this quote stood out to me “I believe that there is good in each of us/no matter who we are or what we believe in”


My activity: Going off this quote I want my students to write an I believe poem. I would hand them a worksheet that had ten lines each starting with I believe. I would hand this out to them then leave it up to them to write down things they believe in and are passionate about. After they completed the worksheet and wrote the poem I would then have them go around the room and look at each others poems and see what there other classmates wrote. I then would lead a class discussion relating it back to the quote that no matter what we believe in and even if it is different or contradicts the belief of another class mates there is still good to be found in all of us. I think this activity would fit into a larger sequence by giving them an introduction into civil rights and the ideas present in Brown Girl Dreaming.


Grade level: Second Grade


Common Core standard: This activity would follow the second grade common core standard of integration of knowledge and ideas which is to use information gained from the illustrations and words in a print or digital text to demonstrate understanding of its characters, setting, or plot. By using this quote by the main character Jackie they are understanding the underlying meaning of this quote and how it relates to her life in the book to how it relates to their own life.


What part of the school year would this take place: I would plan to conduct this activity in the month of January around Martin Luther King Jr. day because we would be reading Brown Girl dreaming which is tied to civil rights.


Materials needed: Paper, pen, the worksheet pre made

Goals for the activity: From this activity I want my students to one understand what they believe in and what is important to them in their own lives. Next I want them to see how by comparing their poems to their classmates that everyone is different but that it is ok to believe different things. Finally I want my students to recognize how this relates to civil rights and the ideas presented in Brown Girl dreaming.

Below is the link for the I believe poem worksheet

Download (PDF, 17KB)

Download (PDF, 17KB)

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