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Blog 5 David Castillo

Blog 5 David Castillo

In Brown Girl Dreaming, it is a little different  in a sense that it is a different format, story of writing unlike the series book and my previous book of Hello Universe. I think it is a different read, and initially it was a bit harder for me to grasp but as I read the book more and more I grew accustomed to the style.  Myself, I am not that interested into poetry or that kind of style, but by reading this kind  of style, it was very eye opening because although the format was a bit difficult to understand at first, as I continued reading, it was easier to understand. I also enjoy the way  how the poetry has deep meanings throughout the novel, and despite being told in a different form, that the message was able to given across. I also like how as the story progresses, the  main character is growing up and changes perspectives and everything around her changes as you go further and further down the story. This book may be useful using to teach or involve young readers into poetry at a different time.

Title: That Kind of day

Drip Drop

water runs down the chair

A look

seeming quite despair

above the chair

reign the clouds

The smell of rain

pouring down

In the distance you see

The water runs

Through the livid creek


David Castillo



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  1. Wonderful blog, David. I love how you were able to express yourself. It definitely seems like a different book compared to the last one you had. I really enjoyed reading your blog and can understand how different each of these books can be. I especially love the free verse books due to the emotional attachments that it draws the audience. Great blog!

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