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Blog 5- Lauren Imelio

Blog 5- Lauren Imelio

A) For the verse book, I decided to read “Brown Girl Dreaming,” written by Jacqueline Woodsen. So far, I really like the structure of the book, because it is a super easy book to read I am able to finish a large amount in a shorter amount of time. At first, it was very different reading in a poem style, but I got used to it after a while. I think I definitely read it different than a normal novel and more as each poem was a different story, which wasn’t true. I think verse books are good to introduce to elementary level students and could be used to create their own poems and teach them about the different styles of poems.


so much depends



the white fire


covered in dirt

and grime

beside the pasture

of pink pigs


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  1. I thought verse reading was much easier to understand as well. Great post, thank you for sharing :)

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