Why a good book is a secret door

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Blog 4 Saving the Super hero Squirrel- Sarah Roberts

Blog 4 Saving the Super hero Squirrel- Sarah Roberts

Flora and ulysses is about Flora  “a natural born cynic” 10-old. She finds herself at odds with her mother after her parents’ divorce. While reading a comic book her mother has asked her not to read, Flora sees the neighbor accidentally vacuum up a squirrel in her backyard. Flora comes to the rescue of the squirrel, who immediately exhibits unusual abilities. Flora believes the squirrel is a superhero and that her mother is its arch-nemesis. For this reason, Flora sets out to save her squirrel from her mother only to find it is the squirrel who saves them.

This book connected to my own life because I can remember being a kid and always feeling that my parents were at odds against me. When you are younger life is all about imaginary play and make believe. Sometimes my parents wouldn’t feed into my imagination and i would look upon them negatively. I think it is important to support the ideas of young young children and let their imagination run free. I think this texts wants readers to talk about the struggles flora has with her family and what she is doing to deal with it and take on this mighty adventure of saving the superhero squirrel.

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