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Hello Universe

Hello Universe

This book definitely defines what it means to be different. The characters varied from one another and it it a way connects them all as one. I remember being in middle school and not knowing anybody. I was the new kid in the school and I had a tough time fitting in. After a few days, a boy came up to me and introduced himself. He was this loud and confident kid that wasn’t afraid of embarrassing himself. He told me he was shy at first but now he didn’t care what others think of him. He just wanted to live his life to the fullest. Days later, we became friends but I was still this shy person, not being able to talk to my classmates. A new kid showed up in class couple weeks later and this student was easily approachable but didn’t talk very much. He was absolutely smart and funny. The only thing was he didn’t talk very much even though I asked him a bunch of questions. Not long after, us three became friends within a month. I didn’t think too much about it until I realized we all were different in every way. One of my friend was loud and confident; he wasn’t scared of anything at all. I always wanted to be like him, confident and not be so shy around people. On the other hand, my other friend was approachable but wouldn’t go up to someone to talk to them unless they went up to him instead. It wasn’t like he was shy but he just didn’t have anything to talk to them about. He was smart and was really good at test and quizzes. He would always stay home and study while me and my other friend went out to play basketball or ride our bikes around the neighborhood. We all were so different yet we were best friends to this very day. It’s not that we grew up together tolerating each other, it was more like we all were connected. The friendship we built was based on supporting each other when needed. I would pick up the slack between us three when required while they did the same for me. It was like no other friendship I ever had, and possibly will ever have. They may not like the same thing I like to do, but it doesn’t matter, friendship is special and a unique way to explore this vast universe of ours together.

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  1. Hey Ntxiag nicely written. Everyone is different in their own ways and this is how we learn and adapt from each other, I think being different teaches us many things such as tolerating, respecting, being open to others ways and accepting them. You did a great job in relating the difference factors from your chapter book to your friendship.

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