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Hello Universe.. is that you?

Hello Universe.. is that you?

Sometimes, it’s hard to look back on the best things that have happened in your life and not think that it’s pure coincidence. There’s just some people and events that nearly seem to be carefully placed in your life path on purpose. I know I’ve thought about how if my next door neighbor hadn’t gotten locked out of her house, I may never have met the people that became my life-long best friends. And how if I hadn’t uprooted my life to move to Chico, then I would have never met the man of my dreams. This book certainly has the same sort of  life occurrences that eventually leads to something good. To me, it also seems to give a message that the parents you’re born from may shape who you are as a person and the alignment of stars in astrology may closely resemble the type of person you are and to most people’s beliefs dictate your qualities as a human being. However, these kind of things don’t have absolute control over you. You can be outspoken when needed even if you’re typically shy as a Pisces and you can face those fears you’re not aware of, but find a way to sneak into your dreams as a fearless Scorpio. It may be pure coincidence. But maybe sometimes life sets you up to triumph your personal obstacles and gets you to the right people and places you always wanted.

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  1. Great post! You really drew me in and made me want to read the book. I love how you found personal connections to the book, which always make for a better read.

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