Why a good book is a secret door

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Search at your own risk…

Search at your own risk…

With this weeks Series Book: Make I went with a word search. In this series there is a total of thirteen books and I like to be consistent with any type of work I do. Whether it be schoolwork, work and even in life. I feel it helps me stay organized and in a way prepared. Each book contains some new characters, places and important events that make it a page turner and a total thriller. 

My intention with the word searches is that they will be offered after we finish a certain book. Mine is based on the book I read: “Book the Seventh: The Vile Village” a small recap of important events, new characters, places as I mentioned before followed by a class discussion of things they found interesting. How they felt, were they upset about the results, could they relate, what major events defined certain characters and see where the conversation leads! 

I used an online website that allowed me to title my own word search, offered several blanks to insert my words and it was pretty easy sailing. Which is great because this seems like a great tool for the future when I have my own classroom. 

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