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Why Does Bad Thing Happen to Good People?

Why Does Bad Thing Happen to Good People?

I loved how in the Miller textbook, it revealed how she said that reading made her become a better teacher. I understand completely with her because as we improve our vocabulary options, we are more educated in different type of word usage and able to comprehend a lot more when it comes to reading. I believe that kids should never read for more than 20 minutes straight because I can’t even do it myself and I’m an adult. Kids need to be able to build up to that amount of reading and plus I think they learn more when they are not forced to do something or an intensive reading where they eventually lose focus. I often find myself reading and not gather any information because I have been reading for a decent amount of time and I would have to reread all over again to comprehend what I just read. This may help them build up the stamina to not only read for a significant amount of time but also allows them to pay attention in class and not doze off while in they miss out on important information and knowledge.

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  1. I love how you formatted your first paragraph!! It looks great! I agree with you on how morbid that book is. It pretty much stays that way for the rest of the series with only tiny slivers of hope. What I saw as most important to them and the book is the strength of their family bond as siblings and using their unique abilities to their advantage in every situation. Something that I find useful in expanding one’s vocabulary is how useful words can be to narrow down what you’re trying to describe about something!

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