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Make 1 – Act it Out

Make 1 – Act it Out

What elementary school class doesn’t love a break from writing and reading, and would love to get up and play dress up ?? This is why I chose the make of having them act out their favorite scene from the fairy tale Cinderella. I felt that, at least for me, when i think back to K-5, I don’t remember a lot, but the things I do remember are all things that involved being up and about. As the moral of fairy tales are the most important, that’s what you want to stick with each kid. You want them to learn something ! So why not enjoy a fun, different activity that everyone will love while also making sure they get it!

Below, I added a video to show what I would have them do. To make them more involved in the play, I would want them to first come up with a moral or lesson they think is important, then together, we would create a play ourselves ! I would start by making a general list of each of their favorite fairy tales and why. Figure out what about these stories stands out and means the most to them. Then using that, all together we will create a general story or outline on what we want our play to be. I would encourage each and every student to have an active role, if they love to act and play make believe, everyone will get a part no matter how big or small. But if there are some kids who just don’t like the idea of being on stage in front of people, I will have different tasks for them to help me backstage, like little stage hands so there’s no student that isn’t actively involved in the production. My goal with this lesson is to let them use their imaginations and help them create something from scratch all by themselves, and in the end, of course, learn an important lesson they will hopefully remember for years to come.


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