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Little Labeled Riding Hood

Little Labeled Riding Hood

My artifact is something I drew and traced of a picture of red riding hood’s coat. (The picture is the featured image of the article.) Although the coat isn’t featured in every Little Red Riding Hood’s stories, it’s a major identifier encompassing her story that we know and love. I then went through our blogs and picked out words we used to describe Little Red Riding Hood, her story and the lessons or morals we grasped from the stories. I got this idea from the book we read the first week of class, Love that Dog, where Jack made a picture of his dog using words and lines.

My initial plan was to have all the words with darker meaning in the black portions of the coat and the more positive labels in the red portion of the coat. However, it turned out there were way more words leaning in a negative light so I ended up throwing most of them in the red color. Some of the words I actually even have in both colors such as society and innocent since, depending on the way you look at it, the meaning or circumstances can go either way with her and her story.

This took much more time than I had anticipated. I also wanted to include Cinderella’s shoe, but I felt happy with what I had already in consideration of time! I just wanted a visual of composed words we assigned to her story and labeled her character that could be compared and contrasted. There’s definitely quite a spectrum that makes it very difficult to pinpoint the answer to: what the heck is going on in the story of the Little Red Riding Hood?

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  1. This make is really cool! I can tell that you really put time and thought on what you wanted to create and the outcome is very good. It is really cool that you decided to go through everyones post and use our words. I liked how the black in the drawing represents more of the negative connotations.

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