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Bake Me a Cake as Fast as You Can

Bake Me a Cake as Fast as You Can

Who doesnt love fresh homemade cookies or fresh bread or fresh anything for the matter?! For my make, I decided to make my lesson about fairytales revolve around a recipe book. What it would look like is, I would separate the kids into groups of 3. Why 3? Because fairy tales happen in threes. 3 little pigs, 3 little bears. This porage is to hot, this Portage is cold, this one is just right. Three, See?

Back to what I was saying! So, I would assign kids into groups of 3 based on a fairy tale they like the most. So for example, one group would be little red riding hood, maybe one group cinderella. Once in their groups I would have the kids pick a character from the tale and have them come up with a pastry that that character would bake or maybe even what their favorite pastry would be and then find a recipe for it. They then would have to explain why they chose that pastry. For instance, maybe cinderella group would choose a pretty cake because she is always having to do things for her stepsisters and so making an awesome cake is her forte. Or like, Snow white group would make an apple pie because she eats a poison apple… okay that’s messed up, but I would totally be for it! Then of course, I would gather everyone’s recipe at the end of class and we would then have a class fairy tale recipe book! And maybe each week, have one group make said recipe. Oh that would be cool! The only struggles I could see with this is I could see some groups getting upset because maybe someone has another idea, but the group decided on Sophia’s muffins instead of Luke’s white choclate macadamia cookies. In which case, I would say that not everyone has just one favorite food. Again, the main idea is that as long as they can support why they think that that particular character would eat/make that food, then I’ll be all for it!

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  1. Woah. This idea is so neat. I love how you incorporate the fairytale aspect into all of this lesson plan. The students really are involved with this plan from beginning to end.

  2. Mario! This idea is so cute and my mouth is now watering thinking about sweets. But I really like your idea and I feel like it’s a good way to gets the kids talking about the story and pulling out meaningful details. It also could be a good opportunity for some cross-subject teaching fractions for the ingredients!

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