English 341: It’s Like This

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Author: Amreena Khan

Make #1 Can you maze it?- (Amreena Khan)

Make #1 Can you maze it?- (Amreena Khan)

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For this first make on fairy tales I chose Little Red Riding Hood. My main idea was having the kids do a maze to reach to grandma’s house safely. I wanted to do something that related to the concept of the story and I thought this will work perfectly.  I think that children will enjoy completing this activity along with the book.  It would remind them to “stay away from the wolf”. I had a fun time creating the maze and the characters of little red riding hood. I remember as a child I would always get excited for hands on activities that came along with readings or assignments and I’m sure this would add a little excitement for my children as well.



Amreena Khan: Children’s Guide

Amreena Khan: Children’s Guide

I believe we all have grown up with fairytales and remember their morals throughout our lives. Growing up I have had moments in my life where I had to make decisions which were complicated and somewhere in my thought laid morals of right and wrong doings which would take me into conclusion. These fairytales certainly teach us and help us, I encourage them because they help create imagination in children and most are designed with morals.

In the Austria/Italy version of Little Red Riding Hood (Little Red Hat) they have taken things with darker content as regard to the way the writer has used body parts such as the grandma’s intestines for little red riding hood to open the door, her teeth to eat as rice, jaws as meat and blood as wine. I feel this version gives the reader a more frightening and cautious awareness that things can get really serious to where she is eaten up. In the other version “The Story of Grandmother” she gets saved by the wolf by realizing something isn’t right. In “Little Red Cap” her grandmother helps her. These many version of Little red riding hood are presented in various ways which suggest that there can be different consequences to a situation.

This fairytale teaches children many things such as to be careful when walking alone, to be alert to the persons behavior next to you, don’t talk/listen to strangers, follow your parent’s instructions.  Fairytales not only teach children lessons but also stimulate imagination and creativity. Therefore, I believe this trend should always continue.


Amreena Khan (Mommy In Action)

Amreena Khan (Mommy In Action)

My name is Amreena Khan and I am from Live Oak. I was born in Pakistan and at the age of three my family moved to California. I would visit there every couple of years. I also went back to Pakistan to get married about three years ago. I have a two-year-old and he is a handful who keeps me busy. I am giving my best to be a good wife, mother and make a career. It is a tough ride but I’m not giving up and hoping to succeed with all my effort.

About a semester ago I was very unsure about my major. I took classes related to different majors at Butte College to see what enlightens me and it was last semester when I took child development classes and worked with teachers where I realized how much I love it. It was interesting to see the different techniques teachers used for children and how fast they affected them. I enjoyed my time there and finally understood what I want to do.

Reading is a great part of our daily lives but we don’t actually consider it as much as we do it for example reading instructions, ingredients, text messages, subtitles, sign boards and the list goes on. Most people consider reading as reading a book, a novel or something continuous.  I personally read articles or things which relate to myself from which I can find solutions or meaning related to my life. I would also read a book which is highly recommended from someone. School related reading I don’t enjoy as much but still do my best to understand it for the work. A reader to me means a lot of things such as one who is able to comprehend what they read well and are able to use context to understand words which may be unknown by them. I also think a reader is one who reads fluently understanding without many mistakes or even one who reads a lot. A quote I really liked about the Williams article was “Good readers do not necessarily read fast, do not necessarily understand what they read the first time, usually read important works more than once, write while they read, and often finish reading with more questions then started”. I can relate to this because I find myself doing all these things while reading. Most of the time I re read a sentence or a paragraph to make sure I understood it well, I also look up the words whose meaning I am not aware of. Sometimes I feel I spend a lot of time on reading things in this way but then I realize it is better to understand it properly then just skimming over it and having problems later. I cannot be satisfied by just going through it and not having it well understood. This problem of mine also proves to be beneficial for me.