English 341: It’s Like This

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Author: Mario Gomez

Bake Me a Cake as Fast as You Can

Bake Me a Cake as Fast as You Can

Who doesnt love fresh homemade cookies or fresh bread or fresh anything for the matter?! For my make, I decided to make my lesson about fairytales revolve around a recipe book. What it would look like is, I would separate the kids into groups of 3. Why 3? Because fairy tales happen in threes. 3 little pigs, 3 little bears. This porage is to hot, this Portage is cold, this one is just right. Three, See?

Back to what I was saying! So, I would assign kids into groups of 3 based on a fairy tale they like the most. So for example, one group would be little red riding hood, maybe one group cinderella. Once in their groups I would have the kids pick a character from the tale and have them come up with a pastry that that character would bake or maybe even what their favorite pastry would be and then find a recipe for it. They then would have to explain why they chose that pastry. For instance, maybe cinderella group would choose a pretty cake because she is always having to do things for her stepsisters and so making an awesome cake is her forte. Or like, Snow white group would make an apple pie because she eats a poison apple… okay that’s messed up, but I would totally be for it! Then of course, I would gather everyone’s recipe at the end of class and we would then have a class fairy tale recipe book! And maybe each week, have one group make said recipe. Oh that would be cool! The only struggles I could see with this is I could see some groups getting upset because maybe someone has another idea, but the group decided on Sophia’s muffins instead of Luke’s white choclate macadamia cookies. In which case, I would say that not everyone has just one favorite food. Again, the main idea is that as long as they can support why they think that that particular character would eat/make that food, then I’ll be all for it!

Mario Gomez: The Wolf Inside (And Out)

Mario Gomez: The Wolf Inside (And Out)

We can look at almost any fairy tale or book or story and come to some conclusion that the characters are metaphoric for something. In particular, Little Red Cap by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, we see the antagonist as the wolf and the protagonist as Little Red Riding Hood (Cap). Now metaphorically speaking, these characters can represent a lot of things. For instance, one might say that the wolf is a predator and must seek out his prey. Now tie that with little red riding hood being a cute innocent little girl and now one might go to the extreme and say the wolf is a molester or rapist and is out to kidnap this child. I think its pretty crazy because even in the bible, Mathew 7:15, he writes to be aware of the people in sheeps clothing because inwardly they are like wolves. And in life, we would never really know someone is a molester or rapist until it’s too late. Now me personally, I believe that the wolf can actually be broadened into the sense that he exemplifies human struggles. In other words, the things that we deal with in life are kind of like that wolf.

In the Little Red Cap, basically in a nut shell, the wolf eats grandma, Little Red Riding Hood comes and gets eaten up as well and then a lumberjack comes and gets his knife out and rescues them from the wolf. It’s a kids story, so there has to be happy ending. Unlike Charles Perrault version where they both get eaten and die and that is the end. So the point of the happy ending is to show that in life, we are given second chances. Going back to metaphoric reasoning, If you do something you’re not suppose to at work or do something wrong, you don’t get fired right away. Rather, you just get written up. Also to add, Grimm’s version also continues on about how there is a second wolf on the way, so grandma and little red riding hood have to come up with something to stop him from eating them. What I love about most about this ending is now it show WHAT they are going to do deal with the wolf. As a teacher, I would totally love to come up with a kids assignment where the kid gets to come up with their own idea of what they would do knowing the second wolf is coming. What would they come up with? And I would go to the extreme and tell them that they can do whatever they want. I would then see how many of them would decide to kill the wolf, lock the wolf up, or maybe something completely different. It would make for a great discussion.

To sum up, I think that we all have our own wolves that we have to deal with in life. For me, that wolf would be the wolf of distractions. To easily am I getting caught up with things that are keeping me from helping me become the person I want to be. What it comes down to is how are we going to deal with it? How are you going to deal with the wolves that cross your path?

Mario Gomez: At the End of the Day

Mario Gomez: At the End of the Day

Hello there. My name is Mario. No, not super Mario and no, I do not have brother named Luigi either. Although, that would be pretty awesome! A lot of people tell me that I am wierd and funny and nice. My parents on the other hand tell me that I am lazy and need to be more responsible. At the end of the day however, It comes down to whether or not I choose to be these things. What I do know for certain is at the end of the day, I choose to want to become a teacher! Which is easier said then done.

Being a teacher requires a lot of reading. I am not good at reading. I get distracted easily and will find myself having to reread sentences and paragraphs to fully understand the text. I believe in order to be a good reader, one must not only be able to understand what they are reading, but ask themselves, why. Why is the author writing this? Why is it important to me? What is it that the author is trying to do to make me think about, or rather, what is the take away message from his or her text?

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t read books, however I do like to read articles. Most of the time those articles pertain to technology. For instance, the latest development in cell phones. Other times, I will read comments on youtube videos, not just any youtube videso, but videos that have to do with current political issues. It’s actually very interesting to see different people’s perspective on certain issues.

My main takeaway from William’s article is in order to be a good reader, one must be able to discuss the reading and ask questions so that we can not only have a sense of what was just read, but realize that there are other perspectives of what was just read aswell. By doing this, I believe it is how we evolve as humans. Imagine if people wrote things and they were never discussed. I would hate to think what the Bill of rights would turn out like if it wasnt discussed over… To sum up, even as you read this blog right now, someone else might be thinking something a little different or maybe even something completely different. At the end of the day though, it’s up to you if you want to be a good reader and further discuss and enhance your knowledge of what you just read with other people.