Why a good book is a secret door

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Author: David Castillo

Blog 7 David Castillo

Blog 7 David Castillo

  1. In chapter 5 of the Miller book    a lot of what I learned from the book was reiterated but was essentially the importance of  the concept of reading and being able to read throughout  your education would help you a lot and have you in a better understanding overall of everything. Although a lot of us dont really read outside of what we have too, that when we realize how much reading is beneficial and once the progress is able to be seen that  that will want us to continue to read and even read more. That is kind of hard to grasp and even with reading it with Miller, its still hard to believe but once its practiced the progress and the process shows. As a reader what  I learned about myself is that I do not really like to read that much but when I finally get to it , I really seem to enjoy reading and then get on a roll and continue to read a lot. so  my preferences and tendencies that it is difficult to get myself to start to read but then once I do I  continue and I think i need to continue that as I go up into the education and give myself the push i need because I know the drive is there too.
  2.  The character that I am riding about is Wade Owen from my novel of Ready Player One. so far from what I have read as I have not read to far into the book  that he seems to be the main character but in terms of observation I do not know that much ( my  book  got to chico after the fire and I got back Sunday) However what made me  interested in this novel was the movie that I watched in theatres aswell as I heard good things about this book so is which what made me interested. I am  going to read most of it tonight to catch up.
Blog 6 David Castillo

Blog 6 David Castillo

After reading the article, I feel like I learned a lot as to how to use graphic novels, not only in a classroom, but overall exactly what you can take away and learn from then. From the article , there were a lot of things that I didn’t really think would be useful in a classroom or specifically in a graphic novel until reading the article, such as composing multiple literally elements at the same time. One misconception that I grew up with especially due to my parents were that comic book or manga ( anime)  books arent real ” books” so I have always thought that they are kind of a waste of reading and dont have that much value.  After having our discussion with Jackson aswell as reading el Deafo , it made me realize  that  there is value and with graphic novels, there are a lot of routes that you can take with them.

B: The way I read  graphic novels althought I am not sure if this is the correct way, but this is how I read them. Before I even look at the words I look at the pictures so I can get a better perspective/ narrative of the sitaution and whats going on before I read the words. As I read the words I look it over with the pictures and try to see it from the perspective as I am the person in the comic and not an outside reader. Compared to my classmate neighbors, I read it a  bit different because first, my group mate did not really know how to read it correctly so it wasnt a consistent way to read it. As for my graphic novel, I really enjoy it so far from I have been reading . It is about  a rabbit who is deaf and uses hearing aids in school and gets to be able to hear for the first time with her hearing aids which makes her feel like a superhero with “super hearing”. Then so far from what I have been reading it is the main character going through the grade levels, and different schools and seeing her relationships change and how the character changes with this superhero narrative.

Blog 5 David Castillo

Blog 5 David Castillo

In Brown Girl Dreaming, it is a little different  in a sense that it is a different format, story of writing unlike the series book and my previous book of Hello Universe. I think it is a different read, and initially it was a bit harder for me to grasp but as I read the book more and more I grew accustomed to the style.  Myself, I am not that interested into poetry or that kind of style, but by reading this kind  of style, it was very eye opening because although the format was a bit difficult to understand at first, as I continued reading, it was easier to understand. I also enjoy the way  how the poetry has deep meanings throughout the novel, and despite being told in a different form, that the message was able to given across. I also like how as the story progresses, the  main character is growing up and changes perspectives and everything around her changes as you go further and further down the story. This book may be useful using to teach or involve young readers into poetry at a different time.

Title: That Kind of day

Drip Drop

water runs down the chair

A look

seeming quite despair

above the chair

reign the clouds

The smell of rain

pouring down

In the distance you see

The water runs

Through the livid creek


David Castillo