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The Blog About Eleanor & Park

*WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS* TARA, TOTALLY UNDERSTAND IF YOU DON’T RESPOND TO THIS BLOG (cause you should absolutely read Eleanor and Park!) Not sorry for this blog being late!  Okay, a little bit!  But totally worth the wait to finish Eleanor and Park earlier this week.  I loved it!  I had completely fallen in love only

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The Blog About Smile

I loved Smile! I would recommend it to anyone at any age! A colorful graphic novel set in San Francisco during the late 1980’s and into the early 1990’s it follows the author throughout her braces treatment. It was so cool to see how the braces treatment was the underlying timeline for the entire story.

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The Blog About Me

Hi, I’m Paige O’Callaghan Jones and I love learning. It’s true! I’ve always loved school and have always known that I’ve wanted to be a teacher. I am a sophomore here at Chico State with a major in Liberal Studies and a minor in Special Education. I have one teacher in my family, my aunt.

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