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OH NO… we’re almost done

Overall, I enjoyed the graphic novel “Anya’s Ghost”. I’ve never read a graphic novel before but I liked reading this. I was skeptical about it at first because I enjoy creating my own characters and images from the authors words. However, Brosgol left enough mystery between scenes, or pictures, for the readers to kind of

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poetic title goes here

I was nervous about reading poetry, honestly.  Not that I don’t like reading it, but because I knew we would have to do some of our own.  My book, Enchanted Air, has been a great read, though.  One main reason why I chose this book was because I’ve always been interested in Cuba and the

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adventure awaits..

The series I’m reading is “The Land of Stories” by Chris Colfer.  FUN FACT: Chris Colfer played Kurt Hummel on the TV show Glee. When deciding which books from the series I wanted to read, I chose the first two.  I knew if I chose the third or fourth book, I would have regretted it

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READING IS WILD!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly, reading the first few pages in this book and the first chapter made me miss reading for fun.  It’s difficult for me to read during the school year because of all the academic texts I need, and then when I do find free time I find myself on netflix.  I need to take a

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Cindy who?

No infatuated father No fish bones or fairy godmother All were overcome by her beauty and grace And the skin that she wore to cover her face She was beaten and battered with very little laughter But in the end she was a happy ever after

Oops, I forgot a title :)

Hey guys! I’m Cora and this is my fourth year at Chico State.  I will not be graduating this year, taking a victory lap, but that’s okay because I am so not ready to leave this wonderful town I now call home.  My major is liberal studies and I’ve known for a very long time

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