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Late Blog Post- The Book Thief Review

Normally, I really enjoy breaking in a new novel, and I have always been a history buff. This book is unique and written in a very different style than I am used to, which is refreshing and respectable. Personally, I really didn’t enjoy this book all that much. I couldn’t actually bring myself to finish

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Roller Girl

I really enjoyed this graphic novel. I felt like the artwork was not overly colorful, and the line art was great and consistent. The story itself was a strong lesson on finding ones own identity while dealing with other’s finding their own too. It deals with jealousy, identity, forgiveness, and acceptance. Overall, this is a

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Inside Out Centos

I read the book Inside Out and Back Again. Initially I was a little skeptical about how much I was going to enjoy the book, but I was intrigued about the background of the author. I was curious about how the use of poetry as a vehicle to demonstrate a series of memories. Although I

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Kids and their books

Sorry I am so late! Had family stuff come up, so please forgive me, here we go! The Wishing Spell has been a great book so far. I am still in the first quarter of the book, so I am a little behind. I can say that, had this book been available to me when

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The Right Book

Miller makes some very good points in this discussion. If I had a teacher as attentive as she is when I was in early schooling, I would have had a much better time. I was always behind in reading skills, really behind, and no teacher said anything or did anything to help me with that

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who am I?

Sorry I am a little late, but here is my best shot!   There is a ball Three days in all No shoe to loose But which dress to choose? Evil sisters may have to pay On the princesses wedding day.  


Original Gamer Girl

Actually, that title may be a little misleading. My name is Amberlie Arave (pronounced R-V), I am 31 years old, and a senior, finishing up an English Studies Bachelors. Someday I’ll go back for my masters and maybe a PhD, but I really want to travel a little first, and pay off some of those

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