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Just like a movie…

Just like a movie…

Reading Anya’s ghost was very different from reading the other novels. This was the only other book that i read this semester for this class, besides Junie B. Jones, that had pictures. Instead of using your own imagination to create your own interpretation of the story, it’s already done for you. It’s almost like watching a movie, you already know what the characters look like when they are introduced. It was almost like watching a movie instead of reading a book. Even though there was text in the thought bubbles so you can see who was talking most of the information you get about the story is through the pictures.

When reading Anya’s ghost most of my time was spent on trying to figure out each character based on the way they looked and what facial expression they had on certain pages and parts of the story. The images tell you exactly whats going on. There are multiple images for the same scene to show different reactions from characters or to whatever is around that setting from what is shown in the pictures. Since this story was about a girl that is being by a ghost that tries to change her, we see all the changes that Anya is making by what she looked liked before and how she looks compared to other characters in the book that are supposed to be to smaller than her because she is Russian. It also shows the loud noises by using large text to show that something fell or broke. When showing certain characters reactions the images are zoomed in more to see a more detailed facial expression whether its anger or sadness.

I think graphic novels are great for classroom, they would be able to stay interested in the book because the pictures are visual pleasing to the eye. Although most people think graphic novel takes away the imagination part of the book because the images are created for you, the students could rewrite there own version of the story. Maybe they could change the ending, seeing how I did not really care for the ending, I would probably have my students draw there own ending. I also think drawing there favorite image from the graphic novel and writing about why this image is the most important or your favorite. They could probably do a character analysis or story map based on the images of that character through out the book. I could think of so many things we could do with graphic novels in the classroom.

Monster the Movie

Monster the Movie

Part A:

The verse book I am reading is Monster by Walter Dean Myers. This novel is written in a film script form. This book is about Steve Harmon, a young black boy who is facing a twenty five to life sentence.This novel takes us into the life of Steve through personal journal entries he writes while in jail, present day trial and flashbacks to his life before jail and the trial.

I read this novel in the seventh grade and thought it was hard to read because of the script like structure it was written. I thought it was a great story but I remember there was something I did not like about it. I chose this book because I thought that since I”m older now I could understand it better or remember why it wasn’t one my favorite books i have read in school. Although I understand the plot I fond it really hard to connect with the main character Steve, I feel for him but the constant back and forth between having to keep track of stage directions and dialogue throws me off just a little. It is hard for me to focus on the book and character while trying to understand What is going on without getting sidetracked by script directions.

I remember being in class and my teacher assigning roles to students to read certain parts aloud and one person who would read the film camera directions. I think this is a great way to make this book easier to read by taking the pressure off one person to read all the lines and not get confused but actually develop and idea and opinions on characters.

Part B:

Cento work from Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren:

Handsome Warren will love me just like he loves you

Wasn’t he so handsome? He was even handsomer up close, do you think? He was nice, too. Wasn’t he nice?”

“I am not a nutball Grace! I am just a regular normal girl. And 

I didn’t even talk

I looked away again

Then I tapped him on the head



and that is called happily ever after!

The Worlds Funniest Kindergartner

The Worlds Funniest Kindergartner

The series I chose to read were the Junie B. Jones series by Barbra Park. The title of the one I am reading is, Junie B. Jones Loves Handsome Warren. This series is about a little girl in kindergarten named Junie B. Jones and her day to day life with her friends and family. Junie B. is always getting into trouble, whether its when she is school or home she is always doing something crazy. In this book there is a new boy at school named Warren. Of course Junie B. and her two best friends Grace and Lucille all like him but he does not seem to like Junie B. very much. Since he thinks she is a nutball because she was laughing and rolling around in the grass. She then makes it her mission to find a way to make him love her.

I have always enjoyed reading Junie B. Jones books since I was a little girl. These were the first chapter books I remember reading. I like how I get the feeling that sometimes I think to myself, I am Junie B. Jones. There are also times when while reading I start to question why she is acting a certain way. I like how no matter how crazy people look or talk to Junie B. she is always true to her self. She may not have all the fancy clothes her friend Lucille has but she is a great friend. I also like how her other best friend Grace is black. The way she talks about how Graces curly hair is her favorite kind of hair shows the readers that she does not discriminate and is diverse. As a young African American girl most of the books I read when I was younger were usually about white families or the main character was white, I would often wish and imagine my life like would be if I lived the characters life. I think it is very important that students have this type of exposure in books because not everyone lives in diverse neighborhoods. I also like how every chapter has about one or two illustrations. This makes it more enjoyable when reading and picturing what is going on.

I think children in grades K through 2nd grade might like these books because the Junie B. Jones is in kindergarten a lot of the things she goes through and the situations she gets herself into are ones lower grade elementary school gets usually deal with. I am pretty sure everyone can say that at least had a crush on the same person as their best friend especially in elementary. This book also assumes that little girls will do anything to impress the boy they like and will even ditch there friends for them.

The central characters of this book are Junie B. Jones, her two best friends Grace and Lucille. Grace or as Junie B. likes to call her, “That Grace” rides the bus with her to school every morning. Lucille is Junie’s other best friend who also has a crush on Warren and claims he is her boyfriend because she saw him first. Junie is always saying that she is more “beautifuller” and much richer than everyone in the whole school. Handsome Warren is the new boy that  Junie B. likes. He also thinks Junie B. is a nutball and hates his new school.  Junie’s mother who is always taking care of her baby brother Baby Ollie, always yells at Junie B. when she’s too hyper but always gives her great advice.

There is a website located on the inside and back of the book where you could go find activities and fun games at juniebjones.com. This book is a great way for students who are newly chapter book readers. This could be a great fun book or book to read during reading time for students in your classroom. You could also use it as a read a loud book. Junie B. Jones is a very funny character that all kids will love and enjoy listening to.

Malia Myricks The born again wild reader

Malia Myricks The born again wild reader

So far I am really enjoying this reading text, it is very interesting. I like how she wants to make it so that everyone enjoys reading. I completely agree with her on how we need to make it so that the students do not just read for school but develop their own personal reading habits when reading for themselves. Miller talks a about how she was able to get the students to realize how much time they have and when to find that time to read. Asking what the students did on the weekend and to think about all the times they were bored during that time is a great way to get students to start reading when they are bored. Miller mentioning “reading emergencies” took me back to my middle school self when I was always stuck at someones house or the store with my mother longer than expected. I always carried a book on me, not so much now. This quick minilesson is one I would definitely use in my classroom.

The Reading Itinerary is a great tool for the students to reflect on their reading habits. Tracking where they read and for how long determines certain patterns they might notice. This would be a great exercise to use when teaching any grade. Its very important that at any age you know your reading preferences in order to stay a reader.

I would be most afraid of those fake readers. While reading this text I have found my self finding certain traits of all the different types of readers Miller talks about, even the fake reader. I remember fake reading and just filling out reading logs to get credit without actually reading. My biggest fear would be catching the fake reader. Not only just catching them but not being able to change this fake reader into a wild reader would be my biggest fear. I would not want to feel like I can’t make anyone interested in reading ever again.

Malia Myricks

Malia Myricks

Hello my name is Malia Myricks, I’m 20 years old and I am from Los Angeles, California. I am the first one in my family to attend college. I am Puerto Rican and Black. I love food, photography, traveling, history, dancing, summer, my city and more food. I love meeting and talking to new people. I have 3 younger sisters, one who is currently attending her 2nd year at Chico State and the other who are still in elementary school. I enjoy working with children especially when they’re little small cute kindergartners.

To be reader to me means that your engaged, understanding and enjoying whatever it is you’re reading because you want to. I usually read random articles outside of school or biographical readings on other peoples lives. I would say that I sometimes read very differently outside of school depending on what were reading in school. Before all the technology and social media apps, I used to go to borders or Barnes and Nobles and read certain books from a certain series that I didn’t have and try to read as much as i could while i was there without buying them. Although I don’t go out looking for books, I still read every morning when I wake up when i check my news feed or dashboard and read certain fun fact articles or horoscopes, I’m still reading.