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Author: djimenez

First of all, I know this post is long over due. I am sorry for that, I just really wanted to get through Eleanor and Park before even getting on the site due to spoilers. There is no way I would have finished the book if it was spoiled for me it is just a weird corky thing I have with books I really get into. On another note, I am going to talk a little about both my young adult novel and my graphic novel in this post. 

Flora and Uylsses:

This is the graphic novel I read. I loved it. Something about a girl and a squirrel that have an adventure was hilarious and just amazing. I came in with the perspective that Ulysses was going to be a boy and was absolutely thrown off by it being a squirrel that Flora rescues from a vacuum. Ulysses then gains “super powers” and is able to communicate with Flora not in the squirrel can talk kind of way but he can type.  Flora takes in Ulysses as her side kick to all the adventures throughout the book. Did I mention Flora is a cynic?  The characters in this story are all so interesting and corky in their own ways that it is easy to know which you like and those you do not right off the bat. As for this being a graphic novel it is not your typical graphic novel with comic scripts telling you the story if not this has chapters and pictures that go along quite well to describe areas of the book or even characters. I would give this book to a fourth grader as a way to introduce them to chapter books slowly or even flip it and give it to a child who does not like graphic novels as a way to ease them into the genre.

Eleanor and Park:

I am by far a huge hopeless romantic this book has been on my list of books to read for a while now so when I saw it was a choice I took complete advantage of it.  I had pegged this book for the typical love story boy and girl fall in love have a couple bumps love trumps all and they live happily ever after. Boy was I wrong this story tells it like it is. It gives you both perspectives of Park and Eleanor letting you into two different lives and really draws you in. I will admit this story starts off a little slow it takes a time to warm up to it I thought of putting it down so many times for that reason. I would not doubt that is why it has taken me a while to get through it but it has those parts that are worth the wait. There are gender roles that are very suddenly addressed through out the book. The issue of poverty male dominance in families are highly addressed. The things addressed in this book can relate to students on a personal level and maybe to those it does not it can still shine a light of reality of life and issues in life. I would give this book to a junior or senior in high school. The content in this book does require a maturity level do to the language and issues that are addressed.

Two countries. Two families. Two sets of words.

Two countries. Two families. Two sets of words.

My poem book is Enchanted Air: Two Cultures, Two Wings by Margarita Engle. These poems tell a story about a girl (Margarita) and her families. Her mother is from Cuba her father from Ukraine and they live in Los Angles. Through the poems Margarita portrays the beauty of Cuba and the fear of the Americans fro the Cubans during the revolution in Cuba. Margarita loves Cuba and it’s tropical setting. She struggles with finding herself with being from two different cultures and living in Los Angles there are two different personas she takes her North American she self  and her Cuban self.  One really understands her feelings about what is happeing in Cuba she feels like an outsider but also still feels like she belongs. There is that in between feeling where she knows where she is from but also struggles to stay with the roots of  her mother. Margarita loves Cuba.

This memoir is a very easy read but the content is certaily for a middle schooler maybe fifth and sixth graders as well. Some poems I read faster than the otheres depeding on the content and mood that is being set.


Homesick, she sings to herself in spanish.

There is only one place

she truly belongs

she feels at home even though this peaccful town is not her own

And now coming back home

isn’t really coming back


Are you going to read that or not?

Are you going to read that or not?

(Descalimer) *Land Of Stories 2nd book SPOLIERS

I am legendary for picking up books and abandoning them! My teachers from elementary to high school could probably vouch for that. It was not until my senior year of high school that I had a teacher give me a book recommendation but by then my experience with reading had already had already been so much of a struggle that I was very opposed to reading. Miller said,”When students lack reading experiences and author awareness, self-selecting books intimidates them.” This line really resonated with me I had not been exposed to many authors and selecting books and my lack of reading experience was not helping the cause. I love the idea of being able to abandon a book and not feel any guilt about it. I have a ten-minute rule for when I watch movies if it does not catch my attention I will move on to the next. The idea of being able to do that with a book is amazing to me like why I have never thought about it before I do not know.

I chose this book because my sister actually pointed out to me that the authour Chris Colfer is actually Kurt from the Glee series I had no idea he was also I writer so I thought I would give the books a chance. Also, before beginning reading the series book a student from an after school program I subbed for was reading the series and I talked to got about how she was like it and if she would recommend it to me. She said she really enjoyed the books and gave me a little background on it off her recommendation I thought I would enjoy the series myself.  So I really hope you are not reading The Land of Stories books. I am actually starting with the second one because the library did not have the first one available. So mine is The Grimm warning, I am slightly lost because I did not read the first one but it is not terribly bad I can still follow along pretty well. This story is about twins that go to the Land of Stories (obvi) Alex and Conner are the two main characters, Alex is in the Land Of Stories while Conner is back home. Conner gets an offer from his teacher to go to Germany to hear the first reading of the Brother Grim stories that have been found. His Sister Alex is in the Land Of Stories training/studying to be the new fairy godmother. I am really enjoying this book and I am trying to sneak in as much reading as possible but because it is a big on the thicker side I have not been able to get as far on it as I like.

Are you really reading?

Are you really reading?

“Wild reading is: readers who incorporate reading into their lives along with everything else that interests them”(3)

“All or Nothing– never learning that a daily reading habit built on managing time to read matters more than how many minutes they(the student/reader) read in one sitting” (13)

Miller’s book is spot on pointing out the struggles of students who do not like to read, find it boring, or just plain do not want to do it. I speak from personal experience, as I read all her identifiers for fake readers I thought I would do every single one of those all through out grade school. I do not consider myself a reader there has been very few times that I did and those few times I remember the names of the books I read to completion because it is so rare. I am the book abandoner I have about 15-20 books at home and I can admit to only having read about 5 of them. Many cases was just the not having time to read because of other obligations. The five books I have read form beginning to end I have binge read and all fell under the young adult genre. I remember one of the big things for me was the concept of “all or nothing” I had to read for the time my teacher assigned to me or I would not do it. It was not until my semester of college that I understood reading even for those 10 minutes I had waiting for a dr appointment or etc made a difference

I have lots of experience working with children in school settings and have seen fake readers blossom into wild readers do to finding the right book. It took lots of trail and error abandoning books many times of fake reading but when a student finds a book that really engages them you almost have to pry it away from them to get them to stop. That is some thing I find exciting when it comes to teaching reading the moment you know that child is hooked you know they might not ever look back and jut opened the doors for them to a whole new world of reading.


Cinder Cinder.. Cinderella

Cinder Cinder.. Cinderella

No shoe to be slipping on thousands of girls

A prince that is withering away over love

a lover prepared to give up all his riches

a family that reunites for a happily ever after ending



Daisy’s Story

Daisy’s Story

I am a transfer student to Chico this year  from Porterville a little town in the central valley I call home. I’ve known I wanted to be a teacher since I was small playing teacher was always my favorite. Since my junior year in high school I have been working with elementary school students in school settings and since then I’ve been reassured that teaching is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I pursing a bilingual multiple subject credential.  Pandas are my favorite animal, turquoise is my favorite color.

A “reader” is anybody who reads any forms of texts there are many different types of readers. My reading outside of school is more social media based occasionally I will read an online news article. Every now and then I will read a young adult book that really catches my attention but it does not happen very often. Most of my reading consists of school material. Very rarely does my reading connect to my school reading it happens when I read an article in the news about something going on in the world of education.

Something I took away from Williams article is his mention on how we need to remind students that they are constantly being readers through out their life but also talk with them about the way they engage in reading and the purpose behind it. Being clear with what the term “reader” means helps leave the mystery behind and tells students exactly what you expect from them when they are reading or even give them a perspective on what it means from them when they identify as readers.