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First of all, I know this post is long over due. I am sorry for that, I just really wanted to get through Eleanor and Park before even getting on the site due to spoilers. There is no way I would have finished the book if it was spoiled for me it is just a

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Are you going to read that or not?

(Descalimer) *Land Of Stories 2nd book SPOLIERS I am legendary for picking up books and abandoning them! My teachers from elementary to high school could probably vouch for that. It was not until my senior year of high school that I had a teacher give me a book recommendation but by then my experience with

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Are you really reading?

“Wild reading is: readers who incorporate reading into their lives along with everything else that interests them”(3) “All or Nothing– never learning that a daily reading habit built on managing time to read matters more than how many minutes they(the student/reader) read in one sitting” (13) Miller’s book is spot on pointing out the struggles

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Daisy’s Story

I am a transfer student to Chico this year ¬†from Porterville a little town in the central valley I call home. I’ve known I wanted to be a teacher since I was small playing teacher was always my favorite. Since my junior year in high school I have been working with elementary school students in

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