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Art and Love

  I can’t find the words…      I knew this book was going to break my heart, but at the same time I wanted it to happen. Rainbow Rowell did such a phenomenal job of portraying what your first love feels like. I loved the way she somehow managed to capture those first love

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The Fearless Ha

I picked Inside Out and Back Again for my free verse book. I REALLY loved it. I loved Ha’s genuine and raw voice. Her words were all so necessary. Every poem throughout the book gave us a piece of information about their everyday struggles or who she was as a person. It was refreshing to

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Origami Yoda, I Believe in You

     I’m reading the Origami Yoda series and completely loving it! If you guys didn’t sign up for this series I highly you recommend that you check it out. Basically you have this sixth-grade class of kids who are in that wonderfully awkward stage I’m sure we all remember. It’s that awkward point in

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You’ll Never Guess Who…

In these pastures there is no need for a fairy godmother. It is not a prince, but a princess who must have the other. There is no grand ball. Only locks of gold that steal her heart and all. The birds are creatures we miss. And instead all we get is a hiss.