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infographic of make cyclesYou can find our current Make Cycles in the drop down menu and on the Make Cycles page. New Make Cycle released every two weeks.


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All day: Mentor Texts

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All day: Make Cycle 1: Make

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All day: Read

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All day: Read About the Authors

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All day: Read About the Authors

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All day: Mentor Texts

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All day: Make Cycle 3: Make

Writing Design Day!

Writing Design Day!

Hi nice people,

Today is the day where you share an activity for your partner to try out. My favorite part of teaching (besides students, of course) is course design: I just love pouring over ideas and books, thinking about what we might do together in class, and knowing that I’ll learn from students. I’m excited to see what you come up with for your partner.

Of all the things we’ve done together this winter session, it is crucial that you DO NOT MISS this assignment tonight because a partner is depending on you to leave one for them to try out. (You will all try out each other’s activities tomorrow.) If for some crazy reason something happens, then PLEASE email asap so I can make sure your partner has someone else to work with. Since you’ve all been doing such great work, I am confident that this is not a concern. Thank you so much for your professionalism this winter session.

One small note: You don’t have to find the pages of the book for a mentor text and include images of those pages like Tamara did in her example (as you work with #1 from the assignment I’ve pasted below): you can also simply link to a YouTube video with someone reading the book like I’ve done with our other mentor texts. If you happen to have the pages, then great, but not necessary.

Here is the assignment all by itself from the Make Cycle 4 page so it’s handy:

  1. Start by choosing a mentor text (a children’s book) from one of the authors in THIS LINK. You can often find their books in YouTube videos or on the author’s website. Or feel free to use one of the mentor texts from a previous Make Cycle. Include a link to the book for your “student writer” in your activity.
  2. Create an activity/prompt based on your mentor text (something based on the theme? Based on a structure or favorite line?). YOUR “student” should know what they are supposed to write, so do your best to make your goals and instructions clear for the student writer. What might they write about? Create a prompt or description of your writing activity.
    • If helpful, return to your responses and one of the ideas for a focus study in About the Authors (from the chart on 105-106). Create an activity or mini-lesson from the ideas in their chart using your mentor text. What element of writing do you want to focus on in this activity?
  3. Intended grade level: xxx
  4. Common Core Standard(s): you can choose one or more as your target standard. Note: I would create the prompt and then return to the standards. You can almost always find one that fits with your goals for the activity.
  5. What part of the school year do you imagine this taking place and why?
  6. What materials are needed?
  7. Goals for activity: what do you hope students learn about writing from trying your assignment/activity?
  8. Assessment: how will you assess the activity? What would you expect to see in students’ writing if things go as expected?

Happy writing activity designing!

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