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We will our work in a Google+ Community. We will upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links and “makes” here.

Make 1 info and other updates

Make 1 info and other updates

Hi everyone,

Really beautiful work yesterday with the first chapter and the mentor texts. I updated grades in Blackboard and now need to finish commenting on your posts. I made a video this time with updates so that I could talk through the Make 1 plans. (video below)

In the video, I mention a link to Battle Bunny so I am sharing that here: LINK. You might bookmark and check out the Educators tab on their site. Another great way for your students to participate in writing communities is through International Dot Day: Link here This event takes place every September and is based off Peter Reynolds’ book The DotI actually love all of his books, particularly since most of my family does art and his books typically have an art focus.

Finally, I added Make 2 to the drop down window in case some of you want to get started earlier than Monday.

Two things due by Sunday night:

  • Watch Mac Barnett TED talk and write response/ Work with the “list” prompt and share a couple
  • Make 1: a story about you! And, remember to add a reflection about your Make (Alondra and Miranda have good examples already up in G+)
  • Respond to a peer each time; you’re doing a great job with this!



Thanks everyone and happy Saturday!

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