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We will our work in a Google+ Community. We will upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links and “makes” here.

Reminders for Week 2

Reminders for Week 2

Hello cool people of English 333,
Here are some reminders as we head into the weekend and week 2:
  • BOOK: Order our book, About the Authors, if you haven’t already (you’ll need it by the end of next week).
  • RESPONSE DUE: Introduction and response about literacies due by Monday night in G+. You can find the prompts and link to G+ on our Make Cycle 1 page
    • Respond to a peer’s post. You’ll always post one, then respond to one.
  • WATCH/READ: For Wednesday’s class, read Chrysanthemum, second daughter’s second day, and a girl named jack. Again, link to these readings/videos on the Make Cycle 1 page. We will use these as mentor texts to prep for your first “make” next week.
Have a great weekend!
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