Make Cycles

Our course is organized by “make cycles,” a term I borrow from Connected Learning. You can find the tasks for each cycle in the drop down menu above.

Google+ Community

We will share most of our work in a Google+ Community. We will upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links and “makes” here.

Updates: Week 11

Updates: Week 11

Hi everyone!

Lots of information below…please read carefully. 😉

–I just sent grade updates up through last night’s Make. Thank you for the creative approaches to the multimodal make! I really enjoyed looking through all the games, memes, and websites this morning! I know making a website can be challenging: I appreciate giving it an attempt. Also, I shared this link with a couple of students, but you might like these StoryCubes for your classes (or your family): LINK HERE. I have a few of them and they make creating stories really playful.

–Make Cycle 6 is now live: LINK HERE. In this next cycle, you’ll be taking what you’ve learned and creating a writing activity for a partner in our class. This is a THREE week cycle, so we’ll start it before Thanksgiving break and then finish when we return. As I mention in the assignment, you should address your activity to your partner and keep in touch with them for any issues. AND, I actually made a new video to check in with this assignment (see below and other places on the site too).

Find your partner below for Make Cycle 6:

  • Susana and Estafani
  • Sophia and Mackenzie H
  • Krystal B and Krystle D
  • Marc and Laurence
  • Rebecca and Krystina H
  • Ruthann and Kathryn
  • Alyssa and Bailey
  • Megan and Kaylin
  • Natalie and Amanda
  • Julia and Leslie
  • Donovan and Keith
  • Bertha and Tessa
  • Miriam and Giselle
  • Kendall and McKenzie Z
  • Madison and Catherine
  • Olivia and Daniela

–For fun, and in the fall spirit, I came across this great set of resources for teaching about Halloween and Day of the Dead: Link HERE And this weekend, I was part of a featured conversation about feedback on student writing. You can listen to the short radio broadcast HERE if you’re interested. 😉

PLEASE VOTE tomorrow! Public education needs you to be involved and vote!
Happy Monday!

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