Make Cycles

Our course is organized by “make cycles,” a term I borrow from Connected Learning. You can find the tasks for each cycle in the drop down menu above.

Google+ Community

We will share most of our work in a Google+ Community. We will upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links and “makes” here.

Month: November 2018

Just do the next right thing

Just do the next right thing

Hi everyone,

I hardly know where to start really. I made a video just to make the reconnecting a bit easier perhaps.

I’ll start by saying I hope everyone is safe and your families are safe. For those of you who live in the area, we know that everything has changed. I am overwhelmed by both the seemingly endless need but also the incredible generosity we are experiencing. So many of my friends have lost everything, but they are the same people showing up to volunteer everywhere. Please please feel free to reach out with anything you might need moving forward. I can always connect people to resources.

We are going to just jump back in to the ideas in our class and I hope that will actually be comforting. I continue to play with due dates, so here’s where we stand. *NOTE: all of this information is on our website on the Make Cycle 6 page:

  • By tomorrow night (Nov 26), you should have the two assessment prompts (one on Chapter 7/Appendix G and one on Common Core) completed. I’m also fine with accepting these two prompts (you can even combine the prompts into one, longer response) anytime this week if needed.
  • AND, your writing assignment for your partner is due tomorrow night too (Nov 26). Please make sure to check share settings if sharing a Google Slide or Docs. Set to “anyone with link can view” to be sure we can see your assignment.
  • The response to your partner’s assignment is due Friday, Nov 30. I moved this back a bit to give you more time. See assignment description about posting.
  • Reflection on these series of assignments due Sunday, Dec 2 (this is the same).

Here are some links you might find comforting, interesting, helpful:

  • Link to my dear friend and colleague, Sarah Pape’s, Op-Ed in the New York Times about the Paradise fire. Link HERE
  • Link to another friend’s blog about the fire and our work as teachers. LINK HERE
  • Link to Chico State’s FAQ’s for students regarding the fire and resources. LINK here
  • Link to Facebook group supporting teachers impacted by the fire. Link HERE

Look forward to our continuing work. Take good care


Updates: Week 11

Updates: Week 11

Hi everyone!

Lots of information below…please read carefully. 😉

–I just sent grade updates up through last night’s Make. Thank you for the creative approaches to the multimodal make! I really enjoyed looking through all the games, memes, and websites this morning! I know making a website can be challenging: I appreciate giving it an attempt. Also, I shared this link with a couple of students, but you might like these StoryCubes for your classes (or your family): LINK HERE. I have a few of them and they make creating stories really playful.

–Make Cycle 6 is now live: LINK HERE. In this next cycle, you’ll be taking what you’ve learned and creating a writing activity for a partner in our class. This is a THREE week cycle, so we’ll start it before Thanksgiving break and then finish when we return. As I mention in the assignment, you should address your activity to your partner and keep in touch with them for any issues. AND, I actually made a new video to check in with this assignment (see below and other places on the site too).

Find your partner below for Make Cycle 6:

  • Susana and Estafani
  • Sophia and Mackenzie H
  • Krystal B and Krystle D
  • Marc and Laurence
  • Rebecca and Krystina H
  • Ruthann and Kathryn
  • Alyssa and Bailey
  • Megan and Kaylin
  • Natalie and Amanda
  • Julia and Leslie
  • Donovan and Keith
  • Bertha and Tessa
  • Miriam and Giselle
  • Kendall and McKenzie Z
  • Madison and Catherine
  • Olivia and Daniela

–For fun, and in the fall spirit, I came across this great set of resources for teaching about Halloween and Day of the Dead: Link HERE And this weekend, I was part of a featured conversation about feedback on student writing. You can listen to the short radio broadcast HERE if you’re interested. 😉

PLEASE VOTE tomorrow! Public education needs you to be involved and vote!
Happy Monday!