Make Cycles

Our course is organized by “make cycles,” a term I borrow from Connected Learning. You can find the tasks for each cycle in the drop down menu above.

Google+ Community

We will share most of our work in a Google+ Community. We will upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links and “makes” here.

Looking ahead to weeks 3 & 4

Looking ahead to weeks 3 & 4

As I have said a couple times now, I am incredibly impressed with your responses and your conversations with peers in our G+ community. Makes me very excited about the things you will write and make this semester.

Here are a few things to notice as we move to Make Cycle 2:

  1. First of all, Make Cycle 2 is now posted: Purposeful Storytelling. You can find the page in the drop down menu under Make Cycles. I look forward to generating ideas for stories with you.
  2. I’ve highlighted the work of your peers from the mentor text assignment this week. You all are doing such great work, but thought it would be nice to have some examples that model some thoughtful approaches to writing about the mentor texts. Thank you to Samone, Christina, and Lisa! You can find examples under the Example Student Work page at the top of our course site.
  3. We will start our work with the book About the Authors. Up first: reading chapter 1 and Units A & B and noticing the interesting thinking that small kids are capable of with writing.
  4. Grading: I use GradeBook Pro for my grading app. On Monday (2/5), you will receive an email to your Wildcat mail with a grade update for the work in Make Cycle 1 and then you can expect weekly or bi-weekly grade updates. Grade updates are always sent to your Wildcat Mail.
  5. Featured Curators: On the assignment page (and below), you should notice the Featured Curator assignment now lists your names. Please check to see which Make Cycle and week you are assigned to be our featured bloggers. Thank you to Christina, Kellie, Chad, Ruben, and Lisa who agreed to go first!  When your time is near, I will send a more detailed email to that week’s team.

Here is your bi-weekly video update where I try to expand on the reminders and work that is coming up:


Look forward to reading and viewing your first Makes! Due tomorrow night and remember to include a description of your process and goals for the make. Check assignment on the Make Cycle 1 page.

Assignment: Featured Curators (25 points)

During one of the Make Cycles, you (and several classmates) will read, respond, and celebrate your classmates’ processes and product. Once the make projects have been posted to the Google+ community, you will write a post about your observations of the writers and the work they produced, featuring a few of the projects to show particular attributes that you find compelling, innovative, or otherwise interesting. These featured blogs will also share with an outside audience the reading we’ve been doing and the discussions we’ve been having.

You’ll write this summary and reflection in a Google Doc and share with me: I will post on our course website as a featured blog. These will be due by Mondays following a make cycle.

There really is not a wrong way to do this. The task is to look over the “makes” from your peers and choose a few to highlight (3-4?). Explain why you’ve chosen those peer’s examples: what is interesting or compelling or innovative? Then reflect on the work over the last two weeks: what ideas have been interesting and stuck with you from the readings or discussions? What are our take-aways for this make cycle that we might want to keep in mind for our future classrooms?

Make Cycle 1 (write up due Feb 6): Christina Barbaccia, Kellie Cabico, Chad Lafenhagen, Ruben Mendoza, Lisa Valdez

Make Cycle 2 (write up due Feb 20):Samone Burge, Brianna Carlucci, Julie Lafreniere, Rebecca Lee, Sandra Nyland, Brittany Walker

Make Cycle 3 (write up due March 6): Shelby Baccala, Jennifer Barajas-Goodwin, Rayn Buford, Jillian Barsotti, Chelsea Peterson, Rebecca Spears, Alice Thurber, Jamie Xayacheck

Make Cycle 4 (write up due March 26; after break): Rebecca Barragan, Cheyenne Boles, Adriana Cea, Hannah Hughes, Sean Gamer, Alma Lopez, Erin Russo

Make Cycle 5 (write up due April 10): Maritza Caceres, Lizette Chavez, Yorleidi Langarica, Caitlin Micko, Josue Nava, Salina Rodriguez

Make Cycle 6 (write up due May 1): Dana Curiel, Nancy Diezmo, Karen Fawns, Janette Herrera, Bianca Nava Guevara, Veronica Oregel, Raenni Pilgrim

Here is the example from Make Cycle 1 last semester

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