Make Cycles

Our course is organized by “make cycles,” a term I borrow from Connected Learning. You can find the tasks for each cycle in the drop down menu above.

Google+ Community

We will share most of our work in a Google+ Community. We will upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links and “makes” here.

Weeks 1 & 2 Updates

Weeks 1 & 2 Updates

Here is the email I sent today with the weekly video included below:

Thank you so much for the fabulous introductions and for responding to your peers! Really enjoying getting to know you all through our G+ community.

Each Friday I will send a weekly email update: I’ll give you a checklist for what should be done and what is coming up the next week. I also will add a new video each Friday to the front of our course website (a new one is there now). PLEASE WATCH the weekly videos as they offer additional, clarifying information. For example, the end of this week’s video talks about grading. I would see these videos as required texts.

By tonight, you should have:

  • Ordered your book: About the Authors by Katie Wood Ray. We’ll start reading chapters the week after next.
  • Joined our G+ Community and posted an introduction
  • Responded to the Lunsford, What Do You Do With an Idea, and McWhorter readings. (under Make Cycle 1: Discussion Posts in G+)–by tonight.
  • Responded to a peer’s post (Inro and the one due tonight).
Next week:
  • By Tuesday (Aug 29) share some insights from our mentor texts (Chrysanthemum, and two poems by Jacqueline Woodson). What lines are your favorites? How might you use ideas or structures from these texts? (G+ Community: Week One Discussion). Prompt in the Make Cycle 1 Instructions
  • By Friday (Sept 1), create a “make”: a poem or a Little Bird Tale about you. Watch the video from me this week for some suggestions. Post in G+ Community under Make Cycle One: Our Makes. Again, more info in the Make Cycle 1 Instructions
You’re doing really smart work! Thank you!

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