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Dear Chico State…your video from Summer Bridge

Author: kjaxon

Weeks 5 & 6

Weeks 5 & 6

Hi everyone,

Make sure you take a look at Make Cycle 3, which is now posted under the Make Cycles tab. Link here too.

For Wednesday (Feb 21), each group has been assigned an article or TED talk to help give us some context for The Internet’s Own Boy. Please come to class with notes so that your group can share a piece of the puzzle of this story with our class.

I’ve also updated the Workshops page so you can prep for this week’s workshops and discussion post.

By next Monday (Feb 26), you should finish the film on your own so we can talk about ideas in class.  Thanks!

Week 4

Week 4

Header Image by Faith Scott

I’m working through reading your summaries of the Audrey Watters’ essay and I just want to give you a shout out. I am seriously impressed by the summary work you did with this text. So so thoughtful and precise. Really proud of this work. I put a few examples on our Featured Student Work page: thanks to Kinnah’d, Jordan, Horacio, Alex, and Ashley!

Here are a couple, tiny, fixes you could make to your summary:

  1. If you shared a link through google, make sure I can “Comment or EDIT” and not simply view: OR set share settings to “anyone with link can comment.”
  2. Article titles are in quotes; book titles are in italics or underlined (not both). So, when you give the title for Watters’ essay, you want it to look like this: “The Weaponization of Education Data.” No italics. One way you might remember is whole/large texts are in italics and small texts/parts are in quotes:
    • Records: Nothing Was the Same (album title); “Wu-Tang Forever” (song title)
    • Books: The Bluest Eye (book title); “Chapter 1: Autumn” (chapter title)
    • Journals: Research in Teaching English (journal title); “Approaches to Teaching Writing” (article title)
    • TV shows: Stranger Things (show title); “Will the Wise” (episode title)
  3. Refer to the author by last name, so in this case Watters (not Audrey).

Please read this before class tomorrow (Monday, 2/12). It should take 20 minutes: “A Guide for Resisting EdTech: The Case Against Turnitin”

Our Make Cycle 2 makes are due this Sunday in your G+ teams. Look over Make Cycle 2 and think about the suggestions or we can come up with new ideas for our Make 2 artifacts.

Yes, I read your email or this reminder: Click HERE.

Thank you so so much for the fabulous work with the summaries. They are a pleasure to read.

Reminders and looking ahead to week 3

Reminders and looking ahead to week 3

Hi everyone,

I decided to work with the same reading for a couple of days since it’s a bit challenging. We’ll actually be reading together in class tomorrow (Monday, 2/5). You will need a laptop or device for reading in class. What would help give you some context is to just open the link and simply skim a few paragraphs before coming to class. I would also check out the author, Audrey Watters, background.

Then we’ll do some reading together in class and start to think about how we might divide out some of the paragraphs. I’ll be assigning workshop teams to various links in her article for further discovery.

Makes are due by tonight (Sunday, 2/4). Share in your Teams G+ community under Make Cycle 1: Make.  I’ll be grading and sending a grade update in the morning, so don’t be late with the assignment.

Coming up next: I’ll post Make Cycle 2 by tomorrow (Monday) and we’ll start our two week inquiry into Big Data. You’ll have a Discussion post due Friday night, Feb 9 in your G+ team.

Did you read this update? Click HERE.

The mentors and I are enjoying reading your work; thank you for the efforts!

Dr. Jaxon

Week 1 Reminders & Looking Ahead to Week 2

Week 1 Reminders & Looking Ahead to Week 2

Hi everyone,

Thanks for jumping in to the work this week! Lots of details as we get set up and I appreciate you trying everything out…I know it’s a lot, but once we settle into routines, it will feel less overwhelming. I’m just looking for your best effort as we get started. The best thing you could do so you feel less overwhelmed is to take 20 minutes or so and look over our class website, especially reading the syllabus and reading all the way through the Make Cycle 1 page. If you’ve already looked things over, then when we explain in class it won’t be the first time you’re seeing the information.

By the end of week 1, you should have completed the following:

  1. Bookmarked our course website and the calendar.
  2. Joined your group’s G+ community (and some teams wrote an introduction)
  3. Completed your first Discussion post and shared in the G+ category called Make 1: Discussion (this was due Friday night, 1/26)
  4. The Quantified Self paper is due by the time you come to class on Monday (1/29). See the bottom of the page on Make Cycle 1 for assignment details.

In class Monday, we will work with your drafts, look at some of the discussion posts that are great models of what we’re looking for, and prep for the makes that are due at the end of week 2.

For week 2:

  1. BRING LAPTOPS! Really, you’ll need a laptop every class and workshop. Please email your mentor and me if you do not have one so we can problem solve and perhaps check one out for you.
  2. You are reading The Selfie & the Self” for Wednesday (1/31)
  3. You’ll have a make due on Sunday, Feb 4 (you’ll get a chance to work on these makes in the workshop). Again, all the assignment information can be found in the Make Cycles; in this case, Make Cycle 1.

Grateful for your efforts and I look forward to reading all the things you write and create this semester!

*If you read these reminders, let me know by clicking HERE.



Spring 2018: welcome back!

Spring 2018: welcome back!

Welcome to English 130P: Academic Writing for spring 2018!

As many of you know, most of us worked together last summer during Summer Bridge, which must feel like a lifetime ago; I look forward to hearing how your fall semester went.  We’ll meet together as a large class on Mondays and artsmainWednesdays (3:00-3:50 in ARTS 111: our new, beautiful Arts & Humanities building on the corner of 2nd and Salem) and then you’ll have small break out groups on Thursdays or Fridays. Workshop meeting times depend on the workshop time you signed up for.

Before meeting on Monday, Jan 22 (or soon thereafter), please take the following survey to help me get to know you and your experience with digital platforms: LINK HERE.

You should also click around in our course site: Check out the syllabus, Make Cycles and calendar to get familiar with our plans.

Please come on Monday, Jan 22 knowing your workshop section number: Our large class is section 40 and then you have a section number for your workshop: 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 or 49. You’ll be meeting your workshop team in the large class on day 1. Check your class schedule.

In a nutshell: 1) take the survey (link above), and 2) know your workshop section number (*hint: it’s NOT section 40; section 40 is our large class meeting time. You are looking for your workshop section, which is 41-49).

The writing mentors and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Kim and the mentor team:  Cristina, Kasey, Olivia, David, Sabrina, Kelsey, Ruben, Cecilia, Jazmin, and Allison