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We will share most of our work in a Google+ Community. We can upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links and artifacts here.


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Dear Chico State…your video from Summer Bridge

Research Teams

Research Teams

Group 1: Allie

Almarie Osbourne Black Lives Matter
Andrea Vickers Black Lives Matter Movement and LGBTQ
Danielle Collier Black Panther Party
Allison Mendoza BlackLivesMatters movement
Kiara Castanon Racial Profilling

Group 2: Cristina

Josue Figueroa Car Culture
Maximiliano Narez Cars
David Atiegar Goal line technology in soccer/ other sports
Edgar Rodriguez Goal line technology in soccer/ other sports

Group 3: Cristina

Diana Jaime      Consumerism
Vidmar Garcia   Cryptocurrency
Marquez Thomas Cryptocurrency

Group 4: David

Amna Khan Terrorism Technology
Ana Ramirez Deepweb
Ramon Zamudio Cyber Warfare
Nou Yang Hacking
Kenmonte McBride Identity Theft
Aracely Arteaga The dark web

Group 5: Olivia

Jacob Barrera DACA
Melinna Chavez DACA
Andrea Torres Perez DACA
Horacio Romo-Robles DACA
Leslie Salazar DACA

Group 6: Cecilia

Jose Rico Magallon Undocumented students
Alejandra Ramirez Bermudez immigration
Rosa Fabian Immigration
Esmeralda Velazquez Ayala DACA
Bianca Rosas Immigration

No Group 7; now combined with group 15

Group 8: Allie

Alex Xiong Gaming
Larry Her Gaming
Tony Xiong Gaming and the effect it has on the mind and body
Joshua Xiong video games (esports) Negativity about

Group 9: Olivia

Patrick Yang Gaming community/culture YouTube
Ricardo Flores Gaming Theory
Kong Yang Video gaming of how it affect you in a positive way.
Anthony Cha League Of Legend

Group 10: Jazmin

Eshon Mayshack Gaming
Sven Biorck Video games in learning
Daniel Perez Video game learning
Manting Xiong video game stories be implemented into the school system in english and literature

Group 11: Kasey

Jordan Fuentes Gun control
Chelsea Pihaylic Gun Control
Peter Yang Gun influence on the young
David Lor Video games and gun violence

Group 12: Sabrina

Angelica Ayala Granados History and Representation of Batman in Different Forms of Media
Carlos Guevara Obedience to Authority
Foua Vang Photography Power of
Ashley Napper-Vaquera Photoshop

Group 13: Kelsey/Ruben

Anija Billups makeup Male
Natalie Yang makeup Influence in digital marketing with
Ariana Figueroa Makeup Tutorials
Jasmine Fields Natural hair being portrayed in the media
MaiChong Lor Plastic surgery
abraham eze celebrity culture and social media

Group 14: David

Nina Yang Music and storytelling or Music and Identity
Ricardo Marquez Music and the Industry Within
Breanna Oliphant How bloggers use YouTube as a platform to promote their music. Also is YouTube hurting the music industry.
Michael Brown Hip Hop culture and how it effects our world

Group 15: Jazmin/Ruben

Veronica Beltran Twitter culture
Kimberly Orozco Twitter during election time
Adilene Quintanilla Twitter/Hashtags
Amari Smith False fake news
Hoanna Ramirez fake profiles or news the rise of
Faith Scott How social media impacts the news

Group 16: Kasey

Roy Anderson Youtube
Kinnahd Hughes Youtube
Karla Cazares Ortega youtube has changed
Mariah Martin-Vargas Hulu and Netflix

Group 17: Sabrina

Teresa Ortiz evolution of vlogging
Daniela Gavlan Twitter
Je’Shon Dockery Hashtag The power of
Shane Mitchell Meme Culture throughout the years.
Elizabeth Ramirez Instagram our human connection to digital culture(specifically instagram)
Paula Mbanu Black Mirror

Group 18: Cecilia

Marisol Ortega-Rodriguez Women representations in business
Marisol Martinez Araujo Women in education
kamil miller women objectified in the media
Tarez Hollandsworth Media Creates Fear
Ashley Lopez The misrepresentation and lack of representation of Latina women in the media
Diosselin Hernandez Lgbtq+ community and their representation in the media

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