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Dear Chico State…your video from Summer Bridge

Thank you (and reminders)

Thank you (and reminders)

I want to thank you all for yesterday. And I want to reassure you that you should do what is best for your own self care. The kind words and hugs yesterday were incredibly healing and I am grateful for our community. You are such awesome humans.

Please read this next part carefully, just so you know the plan going forward for our work:

  1. About half of you took the research survey yesterday (thank you!); if you did not get a chance, please take the survey: Here is the link.  The mentors and I will use your answers to support everyone’s research and create some working groups. Should take less than 10 minutes.
  2. We moved the due date for two more sources to the Monday after break (March 26th). When you return, you should have a lot of links and at least 4 sources should have some summaries. Most of you were already well on track for this. You are doing great work on the research.
  3. We moved the “make up workshop” to the week after spring break. We decided to run two: Wednesday, March 28, at 4:00 and Thursday, March 29 at 3:00. We will ask who is interested when we return from break.

Finally, I just want to remind you again how incredible this class is…NOT ONE PERSON has lower than a B- so far in class. And many of you have A’s. We are well on our way to everyone passing this class, which has never happened. You got this. We look forward to supporting your research when we return. I know many of you work jobs, but hope you get some downtime next week.

Take good care. Remember that counseling is available today in the BMU downstairs, The Hub, and The Counseling Center (SSC 430). You can also call from off campus: 530.898.6345. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Proud of y’all.


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