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We will share most of our work in a Google+ Community. We can upload images, respond to each other’s ideas, and share links and artifacts here.


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Dear Chico State…your video from Summer Bridge

Reminders: Week 6

Reminders: Week 6

Hi nice people,

Just some friendly reminders for this week:

  1. Come to class tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb 28) with some notes from your review of either Garza, Shafei, or Vargas’ websites. Link to their sites on the calendar. Choose one of these people and spend 30 minutes looking around at their information and the advocacy work they do.
  2. You’ll be doing some writing in class tomorrow in our G+ communities. You need a laptop or the G+ app on your phone so you can do this writing. You must be in class to get credit for this work. I’m genuinely interested in what you think about the ideas from Garza, Vargas, or Shafei’s work. How do they use digital tools and platforms to be heard? How do they use hashtags, or websites, or films, or Twitter (all of them have a strong Twitter presence you might want to look at too)?
  3. For workshops this week, look over the plans from our Workshops page and come with an idea for Make 3 that the group could do together? A piece of art? A film? Performance art?

Starting next week, you’ll be pursuing your own interests related to digital culture. Lots of links to get you started here. Our goal is to find something that is interesting for you to research.

Thanks everyone!


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