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Dear Chico State…your video from Summer Bridge

Week 4

Week 4

Header Image by Faith Scott

I’m working through reading your summaries of the Audrey Watters’ essay and I just want to give you a shout out. I am seriously impressed by the summary work you did with this text. So so thoughtful and precise. Really proud of this work. I put a few examples on our Featured Student Work page: thanks to Kinnah’d, Jordan, Horacio, Alex, and Ashley!

Here are a couple, tiny, fixes you could make to your summary:

  1. If you shared a link through google, make sure I can “Comment or EDIT” and not simply view: OR set share settings to “anyone with link can comment.”
  2. Article titles are in quotes; book titles are in italics or underlined (not both). So, when you give the title for Watters’ essay, you want it to look like this: “The Weaponization of Education Data.” No italics. One way you might remember is whole/large texts are in italics and small texts/parts are in quotes:
    • Records: Nothing Was the Same (album title); “Wu-Tang Forever” (song title)
    • Books: The Bluest Eye (book title); “Chapter 1: Autumn” (chapter title)
    • Journals: Research in Teaching English (journal title); “Approaches to Teaching Writing” (article title)
    • TV shows: Stranger Things (show title); “Will the Wise” (episode title)
  3. Refer to the author by last name, so in this case Watters (not Audrey).

Please read this before class tomorrow (Monday, 2/12). It should take 20 minutes: “A Guide for Resisting EdTech: The Case Against Turnitin”

Our Make Cycle 2 makes are due this Sunday in your G+ teams. Look over Make Cycle 2 and think about the suggestions or we can come up with new ideas for our Make 2 artifacts.

Yes, I read your email or this reminder: Click HERE.

Thank you so so much for the fabulous work with the summaries. They are a pleasure to read.

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