Why Do I Teach?


Education is a gift and a privilege that should be shared with the world. I believe that everyone can utilize education as a resource to suit their specific needs, supplementing and amplifying realworld experience in order to advance their knowledge and accomplish their ambitions. We stand at the edge of a precipice. In a world […]

What’s it all about?


I believe that ideas have power. These ideas are shaped through our words. The form that we choose to utilize our message is within our control. The mediums which we choose to communicate our message, our form and our ideas are ever changing. Learning to communicate through these changing mediums is essential in order to make an […]

Why Not?


College was not quite on my mind after high school and I wasn’t sure if I ever want it to go. This began to change in the spring of 2007 when I became interested in film production. Well a good friend of mine who was going to school at UCLA,  knew a guy who was […]

Why (oh why) teach?


The question of the hour, dear reader, is why teach? And as someone in the middle of grading a stack of papers while trying to finish their thesis, my first reaction is to say “good [expletive redacted] question!” But after a moment of cooler contemplation, I feel like I can offer up an answer of […]

Tuesday, September 23: Group B


Today’s quote was beyond perfect. After taking way too long to draft my previous post (my first real attempt at analyzing my notes so that I will eventually have something to write for this thesis thing), it is very important for me to remember both why I started and why I need to keep pushing […]

Monday, September 22


I would like to preface this post by stating the obvious: transcribing is difficult and time consuming and not my favorite thing on earth. But by the end of this semester (hell, by the end of this week), I’m gonna be really good at it. Practice makes perfect, right? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Nerds like us are allowed […]

Why Higher Ed?


In 2012 I was preparing to graduate from college at the age of 23 after five changes of major and one ill-considered effort to transfer universities that I thankfully decided against at the last minute. When people ask me about this, normally I answer with a smile and a practiced statement about how changing majors so […]

Why We Need a Why?.. My Why is Why Teach?

The idea of critical thinking and teaching to critically think is perhaps the most essential part about teaching, in my perspective. It is one thing to teach to memorize or complete an assignment, but to help and teach someone how to look at and work at transforming how they process and develop thought is essential […]